Surveying and Aerial Mapping

Aerial surveying has never been easier. Saving you money on the cost of cranes and hi lift inspection equipment we can offer a cost effective quick solution . Using our drones we are able to take high detailed photographs and video of anything needed. We work with a live feed display so our client can guide us to the points needed.

We use both a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and a DJI Inspire Pro with Zemmuse Z3 7 x zoom lens to allow us to get closer to details than ever before . Aerial inspection has never been easier

Images below from recent survey work at BRNC Dartmouth

Aerial mapping by drone takes the industry to a new level. Google Maps is great but the images tend to be at least a couple of years old and lack the resolution for doing real work. Make your own maps and get a new perspective on things with accurate, high resolution imagery you control.

we can produce files in GeoTIFF (TIF) Full Resolution Image (JPG) DEM (TIF) Colorized DEM GeoTIFF (TIF) Colorized DEM (JPG) 3D Google Earth (KMZ) 3D Model (OBJ) 3D Material (MTL) 3D Texture (JPG) for you to control


this is an example of an 82 acre survey of the Bantham Estuary. by right clicking on the live link you can get Latitude and Longitude coordinates to 0.00000 accuracy


for more detailed information please give me a call


Bantham Estuary