Inspection and Mapping

Aerial Surveying has never been easier. UAV technology offers a cost effective, quick solution, saving you money on Cranes and High Lift inspection equipment. We offer a live feed display so our clients can see exactly what they are getting as it happens.

Below is an example of a project for Bantham Estate mapping 90 acres of Estuary and a 3d Digital Map of the Sand Dune


With our AERIAL MAPPING software we are able to provide you with images similar to those shown below with :

3D model-based stitching


Stockpile Volume Measurement



With the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Zoom and smart controller , we are able to provide a recording of high level inspection work.

We have HDMI live feed from the controller to a stand alone monitor to allow the client to assess the inspection whilst the drone is in the air.


Using the latest drone technology , we are now able to offer Thermal Imaging inspection . This is our newest addition to the fleet and we are willing to demonstrate to you its potential in your business .